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Welcome to the Official Website of the Court of First Instance Elbasan

For the improvement of the administrative and procedural service in the court, as well as the increase of transparency towards the public and the media, timely and accurate information of the citizens with the activities of the court, the office for relations with the public and the media in the Court of First Instance of Elbasan has built and maintains this site. Data on cases, whether civil or criminal, are generated on this page at the moment they are created during the procedural activity related to the relevant case.

The goal of the Office of Public and Media Relations is for this information to be real-time and accurate. If errors occur during the work, the Court has the maximum predisposition to correct them.

The information is not intended to provide official or professional advice (If you have specific questions, you should always contact the relevant staff). 


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 Orientation at the Elbasan Court

 How to start a civil case

The civil judicial process is conducted in accordance with the rules defined in the Code of Civil Procedure.

It starts on the basis of the investment made to the Court by a natural or legal person...


How to appeal a decision

All decisions given by the Courts of Judicial Districts can be appealed to the Court of Appeal...


What are the court fees?

For alimony, For proof of fact, Lawsuit for divorce, Lawsuit for invalidity of legal actions...